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    A&S Investment Holding Global, established in New York City, aims to operate, trade, and invest globally, recognizing that the world has become a single place in the year 2020. Our company, based in the financial hub of the world, Manhattan's Rockefeller Plaza, caters to the needs of the global market.

    With our focus on information technology, mining, and energy sectors, we strive to contribute to the world economy through our investments in these critical areas. Our company serves as the central unit for managing A&S Investment Holding's international endeavors, which are primarily based in the United States.

    As technology continues to play a vital role in today's world, particularly in the business and financial sectors, we believe that investing in information technology is crucial. It allows us to stay at the forefront of innovation and maintain a competitive edge in the global marketplace. By supporting and investing in advancements in this sector, we ensure that our portfolio remains diverse and profitable.

    Furthermore, we recognize the significance of the mining and energy sectors in driving global development. These industries provide essential resources for various sectors, including manufacturing, construction, and transportation. By investing in these sectors, we actively participate in world economic growth while also contributing to sustainable development.

    In conclusion, A&S Investment Holding Global operates as the unit responsible for managing our company's international investments, with a primary focus on information technology, mining, and energy sectors. Through these investments, we aim to contribute to the global economy and advance sustainable development worldwide.

    In today's interconnected global economy, expanding one's business activities on an international level has become crucial for sustained growth and increased employment opportunities. Our country, Amerika, recognizes the significance of this paradigm shift and actively engages in three main sectors: mining, information technology, and energy. With six prominent companies spearheading these sectors, our aim is to address the global world and contribute to its economic development.

    First and foremost, the mining sector plays a vital role by extracting valuable resources and minerals essential for various industries worldwide. With our mining companies' cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices, we aim to make significant contributions not only to our domestic economy but also to global supply chains.

    Secondly, the information technology sector has emerged as a cornerstone of modern societies. Our country's IT companies invest heavily in research and development to enhance their competitive edge in the global market. By continuously innovating and adapting to technological advancements, we strive to offer state-of-the-art solutions to cater to the ever-evolving needs of organizations worldwide.

    Lastly, the energy sector, with its dynamic challenges and opportunities, forms another pillar of our global outreach. Our energy companies undertake diverse activities, including renewable energy production, oil and gas exploration, and energy infrastructure development. By embracing sustainable practices and investing in clean energy technologies, we contribute to a greener future while meeting the growing energy demands of the global community.

    The primary objective of our active engagement in these sectors is to expand our companies' presence globally, thereby creating more job opportunities and stimulating economic growth. Through our relentless efforts, we envision Amerika as a prominent player in the global economy, contributing significantly to international trade and cooperation.

    In conclusion, our six companies operating in the mining, information technology, and energy sectors are actively participating in the global world with the aim of expanding their businesses, creating more job opportunities, and contributing to the development of the global economy. By recognizing the importance of global outreach, Amerika is well-positioned to shape its future as a key player in the international arena.

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