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    A & R Capital Partners LLP - London

    A & R Capital Partners LLP is an investment banking initiative established by IFXBG Investment Banking Group originating in Spain and a joint venture between Rexcell Investment Holdings LLP, a subsidiary of Kuwait A & S Joint Financial Consultancy Company, which is part of the Aswarna Group. The company is headquartered in London Canary Wharf and also has an operational support office in Madrid.
    A & R's principal and founding principles; to make agreements on international financial markets and to gain experience in project development and to put the projects into practice in emerging markets. A & R Group is in the process of preparing an infrastructure for real estate development projects in London, Berlin, Vienna, St. Petersburg, Istanbul and Gulf countries. 
    In the UK, the Group establishes private equity funds for its projects, in accordance with the terms and conditions, while at the same time incorporating international guarantor companies responsible for increasing the credit rating of interest-free bonds for the debtors of the real estate projects it conducts. 
    Another financing instrument in which the Group works in strategic partnership with its US investment bank partners is to provide 100% project financing with investment rating agencies that act as tenants for project phase constructions. This service offers a unique advantage considering today's demanding financial markets. 

    A & R Capital Partners LLP is highly selective in providing services to consultants other than its own partners. Consultancy services provided by the Group to the approved consultants are as follows:
    To organize and distribute interest-free bono securities through the partnership of the Group with private investment intermediaries and financial institutions. 
    To make investments through financial institution connections, knowledgeable / prudent investors and UHNWI and to establish private equity fund in accordance with the terms and conditions together with first-class service providers.
    Project financing for real estate, energy and mining sectors
    Structural Finance  

    Commercial real estate finance and credit leasing, acquisition of high-value real estate assets in critical locations in the US and Europe.
    Mergers, M & A
    Establishment of joint ventures in real estate, construction, energy and mining sectors with US and European companies and their counterparts in Gulf countries.

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