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    Social Responsibility

    Social Responsibility

    One of the highest values of humanity is undoubtedly the spirit of cooperation and solidarity. Numerous foundations established throughout the history have performed important tasks in the service of humanity and the environment. While providing services to education, municipalities, health care and people in need, these foundations increase the solidarity and enable society to become more prosperous. Numerous foundations have been established in the history of our country and they have fulfilled many supreme duties perfectly. Their assistance and support both have made important contributions to our social life and have had a great impact on the spread of goodness. 
    Istanbul Bosphorus Foundation of Education and Culture was established by Veysel Kafalı. 
    The aim of the foundation is to contribute to raising the economic, social, educational and cultural level of the society by working in the fields of education, culture, art, scientific research and development, health and social aid, and helping to educate qualified people in the fields that our country needs. 
    In order to achieve its purpose, the Foundation carries out the following activities: 
    A) In the field of education;

    a) Opens and operates educational and training institutions and organizations at all levels. (Preschool, primary education, vocational schools, high schools and equivalent schools, colleges, vocational colleges, colleges, universities, institutes, vocational schools and universities giving distance education and vocational schools and universities, scientific research and development, art library and documentation, sports, social, cultural and test training centers, workshops, student dormitories, camps etc.)
    b) Organizes vocational training, on-site training, preparation for university, foreign language, fine arts, courses and seminars.
    c) Opens special education and training schools and organizes courses for the education of the superior-high intelligence students.
    d) Conducts researches on education, publishes them, leads the establishment of institutions that increase the efficiency of education in the whole country, organizes competitions related to education, gives awards to those who have useful services, cooperates with the institutions and organizations working for the same purpose.
    e) Provides scholarships and educational support to the intelligent and successful students who do not have financial means. 

    B) In the field of culture; 
    a) Opens, operates and museum, congress, culture and art centers and has them operated. 
    b) In line with its objectives and activities; the Foundation organizes exhibitions, competitions, concerts, courses, conferences, debates, panels, seminars, programs, poetry performances, exhibitions, fairs, interviews etc. 
    c) Conducts researches in the fields of culture, art, aesthetics, architecture and traditional Turkish handicrafts, establishes workshops with educational and practical centers, gives awards and supports artists. 
    d) Carries out restoration and repair works of historical artifacts in cooperation with the relevant institutions and provides in kind and in-cash support to provide the maintenance of these works and sponsors in this field. 
    e) In line with the purposes of the Foundation; conducts all kinds of surveys, researches, investigations
    f) Establishes libraries, laboratory and research centers, and presents them to the benefit of the scientific community and those concerned.
    g) Makes all kinds of audio, video, printed publications (except Radio and TV), encourages the publishing of scientific, moral, historical, artistic, intellectual and literary works, their translations from foreign languages, organizes competitions on this subject, helps the spread of similar works.
    C) In the field of scientific research and development;
    In line with its objectives and activities, the Foundation conducts all kinds of scientific research and development activities, supports those who conduct these researches and activities, prepares projects with national and international educational - cultural - social - scientific and artistic contents, make these projects to be prepared and cooperates with other project partners. Supports the real and legal entities operating in this regard. 

    D) In the field of health; 
    a) Makes researches and studies for the protection of environmental health, environment, plants and forests.
    b) Establishes and operates all kinds of health facilities,
    c) Provides in-kind and in-cash aids for the purpose of finding solutions to all kinds of health problems of persons who are not well-financed and covers all kinds of their health expenses through contracted or non-contracted health institutions.  

    E) In the field of social aid; 
    a) In line with its purposes, the Foundation develops and executes projects jointly with public and private institutions and organizations, foundations and associations that have similar purposes with Unesco, World Bank and European Union and supports the projects.
    b) Provides in kind and in-cash aid to the poor families or individuals, to sick people, fonds and elderly, orphan children, to those affected by war and natural disasters.
    c) Performs food banking activities, provides food aid to meet food needs, distributes victuals.
    d) Establishes soup kitchens to distribute free meals, nursing homes for the elderly, resting houses and covers the expenses of these facilities.

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