A & S Yatırım Holding, 1962’den bu yana
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    About Us

        A&S Investment Holding is Turkey's oldest, most established, and largest international investment company. Established in 1934, the company manages $20 billion in assets. A&S Investment Holding has a long history in the investment world and has a top-level reputation for reliability and professionalism in international markets.

        The company, which has been engaged in trade for three generations of a family in Turkey since 1934, is a well-established holding company that is constantly working and investing with the aim of contributing to the development, progress, and reaching the level of contemporary civilizations of Turkey.The company has a regional breadth, making it the largest private investment and asset management company in the Middle East.

        A&S Investment Holding has been operating with a strong reputation and reliability since its establishment. The company has become a globally recognized investment firm by operating effectively in the international market.The Company  invests in a wide range of sectors with various companies in its portfolio. These companies operate in construction, real estate development and sales, banking and finance, investment consultancy, industry and manufacture , energy, mining, export, tourism, media, and information technology.

        A&S Investment Holding holds a strong position in international markets and continues to support Turkey's economic growth. The company's experienced and expert team, extensive investment portfolio, and successful international investments make A&S Investment Holding one of the world's leading investment companies.

        A&S Investment Holding has grown steadily since its establishment and constantly improved its operations. The company's strong financial structure and leadership position have contributed to increasing confidence in Turkey's investment environment. A&S Investment Holding is a company that operates in accordance with international standards, is committed to ethical values, and has a sense of social responsibility. In line with these values, the company has solidified its place in the investment world and aims to undertake significant projects in the future.

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