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    Investment and Consulting


    It is a corporate finance company that provides company valuation, company sale, company acquisitions, mergers and public offering consultancy services.
    Founded in 2010 to give services in the followings: 
    1) To provide micro-economic solutions in line with management and consultancy services, paid reports and recommendations to other Investment-Investment consulting companies and Investment Funds operating in the banking and finance sector
    2) To provide special and quantitative support to companies with its years of experience in these sectors.
    3) To make financial and organizational definitions
    4) To make SWAT analysis according to rising macroeconomic trends 
    5) To increase and improve the activities of the counselees and to examine any possible data and record in a neutral manner to almost always maintain the rate of profit by reducing the waste of resources 
    6) To evaluate the performance of employees in every field
    7) By providing a benefits and earnings oriented, transparent budgeting and configuration; at the same time, by taking into account the international standards, to make a short and concise analysis of the management of the entire consultant company and to offer specific recommendations in line with the needs of the company.
    8) Helping performance-enhancing organizations focusing on current problems and prioritizing plan development
    9) To provide organizational change management assistance, strategy development and operational development services
    10) To provide guidance for defining problems and to provide advice services for the display of the performance actively and effectively and to use its special methodologies and methods within this scope. 
    11) To intermediate the international companies to buy companies in Turkey, Turkish companies to make overseas investment and mergers in the internal market. 
    This process, which aims to provide the best financial advisory services in the light of its experience and which is carried out with the principle of transparency, is always open to receive support from the companies benefiting from the consultancy services.  


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