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    Information Technology

    As A&S Investment Holding, we strongly believe that in order to keep up with the rapid development of digitization and the technological advancements around the world, our country needs to invest in information technology and computer technology. We are determined to not fall behind and to bring our nation to the level of contemporary civilizations through technological investments.

    In light of this belief, we have made strategic investments in the field of IT and computer technology. This includes areas such as programming, coding, artificial intelligence, and digital currency. By becoming a prominent player in these fields, we aim to ensure that our holding takes solid strides towards the future and creates a promising foundation for generations to come.
    We have allocated billions of dollars in investments to secure our position as a leading force in the global arena of information technology. Through these investments, we aim to establish ourselves as a major player and influencer in these fields globally. This will enable us to not only be an integral part of the ongoing digital transformation but also shape and define the future technological landscape.

    Overall, A&S Investment Holding believes that investing in the digitalization and technological advancements of our nation is essential for our progress and development as a country. By becoming pioneers in bilişim and computer technology through substantial investments, we are confident that our holding will make a significant impact in the world and provide a solid platform for future generations.

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