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    Uğur Akkuş 15 August 1981 ; Istanbul Turkish entrepreneur and businessman. He is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of A&S Investment Holding.According to Forbes Middle East, he is the 7th richest person in Turkey with a personal wealth of 4.5 billion dollars as of 2023.

    He is the Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of A&S Investment Holding;
    A&S Investment Holding is an investment company where many commercial companies and initiatives are gathered together. A&S Investment Holding is a Turkish company with foreign partners, consisting of Real Estate - Construction, Finance and Asset Management, Investment Consultancy, Export, Tourism, Energy, Education, Media and Retailing, founded by the chairman Uğur Akkuş, consisting of 22 companies in 4 countries with the commercial know-how transferred from generation to generation. Uğur Akkuş, the founding chairman of A&S Investment Holding, is the 3rd generation trade person raised by the commercial know-how passed down from generation to generation. Born in 1981 in Istanbul, the center of civilization and civilization, he started his education at Bilkent University, Department of Political Science and Public Administration, and continued his education at the University of Essen-Duisburg in Germany. He served as vice chairman of the Kuwait Business Council of the Foreign Economic Relations Board, vice chairman of the Saudi Arabia Business Council, served as a member of the Turkish American Businessmen's Association High Advisory Board, and was a founding member and board member of the KUVİD Association. In 2022, SOAD (State Of The African Diaspora) was elected as the president of America and appointed as the president. He is a member of the board of directors of CAFRAD (Pan African Intergovernmental Organization) and is the president of CAFRAD in the Americas. He is a member of the High Advisory Board of OLADSCC (Organización Latinoamericana de Alcaldes) and is the President of Central America. Uğur Akkuş was recognized as a person of extraordinary ability by the United States of America in 2023 and was granted American citizenship.Uğur Akkuş was recognized as a person of extraordinary ability by the United States of America and was granted a citizenship program called Einstein citizenship.This is a type of American citizenship granted to foreigners on the basis that the United States of America grants it to people with "extraordinary ability". Nobel Prize winners, Oscar Prize winners and Pulitzer Prize winners, people of extraordinary ability have been granted citizenship in the United States in this way. Einstein, john lenon, have received American citizenship in this way.

    For the first time, Uğur Akkuş has been approved by the US government as a "person with extraordinary abilities" as a Turkish Nationality 
    In 2020-2021, he was awarded Turkey's Best CEO under the age of 40 for 2 consecutive years. In 2022, he was selected as the best businessman and the best CEO of Turkey and was deemed worthy of two awards at once. He was awarded the most successful entrepreneur award of the Asian continent in 2023, and his investment company A&S Investment Company was awarded the best investment company award of the Asian continent in 2023.
    By America's World Famous Variety magazine. 2023 by taking the first place among the world's 10 most successful entrepreneurs of the year 2023 was selected as the world's most successful entrepreneur of the year 2023.
     He wrote an economics book called "Super Power Turkey" and this book became a best seller in the field of business-economics. His second book, "Android Darling", which he wrote on technology sanctions, attracted great attention from young people. Uğur Akkuş, one of Turkey's leading art collectors, has an art collection consisting of Turkish Islamic artifacts. Uğur Akkuş, who is the father of two children, is fluent in English, German, French and Arabic.

     Uğur Akkuş's net worth has not been made public with an exact figure, according to Forbes Middle East Turkey's richest list for 2023, Akkuş is one of the richest business people in Turkey. Ranked 7th, Akkuş's fortune is known to be approximately 4.5 billion dollars.

    Most of Akkuş's wealth comes from a company called A&S Investment Holding. A&S Investment Holding is a holding company operating in the banking and finance, real estate, construction, energy, mining, tourism, information technology and retail sectors. Uğur Akkuş plays an important role as the founder and CEO of this holding company.

    Mr. Akkuş's success is reflected in the large gains he has made in business and investment. A&S Investment Holding's activities and successful investments in various sectors have helped Akkuş increase his influence and wealth in the business world. Akkuş is known as one of the richest business people in Turkey with his holding and investments.


    Uğur Akkuş is mainly involved in his role as the founder and CEO of A&S Investment Holding, which operates in the banking and finance, real estate, construction, energy, mining, tourism, information technology, and retail sectors.

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